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Phone SCAM - you do NOT have a virus, HANG UP!

Eye is watchingThey tell you they can see your computer - BUT THEY CANNOT!!
Microsoft, McAfee, Norton or their associates will NEVER call you!!!
- and you do NOT have to ring the ATO (see below)
If you get a phone call (even from Telstra) and they tell you that they have been tracing viruses or "germs" back to your computer, that your computer is sending out spam, viruses, trojans or error messages, don't listen, just hang up.

If you listen then they will go on to tell you how they know and they will guide you to the event log where they can "prove" that your computer is infected.  Should you choose to argue with them they will probably threaten to disable your windows so it can do no more damage (this is a lie, they can NOT do this, it's impossible), they may even get quite nasty or rude.
And don't be surprised if they ring back! (
one bloke rang me back 3 days running!)

This is a scam - these people want access to your money!!!!!

If you let them they will take remote control of your computer, once on they could leave software that will glean your login and passwords, they could modify your computer so that it is vulnerable to further attacks or could be used in conjunction with other computers beyond your control, but most likely they will install software that you don't need, probably won't do as is claimed and requires you to pay an excessive amount of money.
And if you pay that money, you can't get it back!  Worse still, the transaction normally takes place on the web where you have no idea whether your username and password has been compromised.  They may well have access to your bank account.
If you get a call and you're not sure, ring me and at no charge I'd be happy to advise you.

If you have any doubts, then please check out these links.  Many thousands of people have been targetted and far too many have paid good money for a "service" that effectively crippled their computer (and their wallet).
Scamwatch email alert
Australian Government, ACCC official warning
This site has great examples of what happens - if you've had a call these will be very familiar.

If you choose to listen, do NOT call the number.

If you receive this automated phone scam, hang up!!
This is absolutely a scam, the ATO might write to you, they may even ring you personally, but they will NEVER use an automated answering machine message to ring you and request a call back!

People have been caught, and for them it was expensive.

NEVER believe anyone who rings you.  Microsoft, IBM, Telstra, a phone company, an electricity provider, the Australian Tax Office, a bank!

Trust no-one.  If you believe there is an outside chance the call could be real, hang up, look up the number in the phone book, google or White Pages online and ring them.  If the call was not a scam, they will know all about it.

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