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Windows can work better, maybe it needs a cleanup and tuneup

Your PC or Laptop getting too slow to use?

  • Perhaps it's a virus or trojan

  • Perhaps it's just too full

  • Perhaps there are programs running that needn't be

  • Perhaps all those programs you have loaded and then removed over the years have simply "cluttered up" the system

  • Perhaps the latest software you have loaded is just too much for the resources available

Many things can slow down a perfectly good PC or Laptop.

  • A virus or trojan can and will wreak havoc.
  • Malware running in the background will chew through your processing power.
  • Windows creates temporary files when it does almost anything.  These temporary files should automatically remove themselves, but seldom do.  Over the years you can collect so many that Windows gets confused.
  • How much spare hard disk space is available.  If there is less than 10% free then Windows will get itself into an awful state.
  • Do you have software running that could be sharing files (eg limewire)
  • Does the registry have so many orphan and redundant entries that it simply takes a long time for Windows to access the information
  • Maybe that latest all in one security package was just too much.  On an XP system with 512meg (or less) of RAM, all Windows updates and some big name security suites, your system will almost grind to a halt.

We can fix it!

(& you almost certainly don't need to replace your system just yet)

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