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Your identity is at risk - take care!!
gordon | 16/5/2017
That next bill into your in-box may not be real
gordon | 12/5/2017
avast antivius screensaver scan best feature removed
Gordon Chase | 21/2/2017
The internet is a scary place unless you are on your guard. Be aware of the traps and tricks, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!
gordon | 7/1/2017
Telstra/Bigpond using FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to sway customers across to the NBN
gordon | 19/11/2016
Windows 10 upgrade destroys ability to do a clean factory restore.
Gordon Chase | 9/11/2016
technical support foreign call centres interpreter translation techno speak cannot understand help
Gordon Chase | 30/10/2016
Gordon Chase | 7/4/2016
Microsoft disowns Windows 8 users No more updates
Gordon Chase | 13/1/2016
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