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Backup your stuff

... in case things go wrong

A backup can be a simple copy somewhere else, it can be achieved manually by simply using Windows Explorer to copy files to another directory. But there are traps.

  • What value is that other copy if it is on the same hard drive when the hard drive fails?

  • Did you remember to backup your email?

  • Have you got all those addresses and passwords necessary to connect to your internet service provider and email host?

We can assist.

If you require an external hard drive we can provide it and configure software to regularly and reliably backup all of your data, all those photos, songs, movies, documents, emails - in fact if you created it, we can make sure you never lose it.

Sure .....

  • You've got your installation disks.

  • You can rebuild your system.

  • You can restore all your programs.

  • But it is a time consuming problem, and at the end of the day you may still have lost everything you created and saved.

Let us help you and provide peace of mind in the process.

. . . if you only have one copy, you will lose it

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