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Most of the programs you need don't cost much if anything.

Software is expensive! (but it doesn't have to be)

Sure you could purchase Microsoft Office, but if you don't specifically need it, why not try Open Office at no charge.

Outlook is a great email program which is provided with some versions of Microsoft Office, but most of the features that make it great are not used by private individuals, so why not use the free Live Mail (now blocked in Win10 by Microsoft) or Thunderbird (by Mozilla - the creators of Firefox), in fact, why not just use webmail?  If you have a smartphone there are some really good reasons to use Gmail.

Perhaps you've been advised to purchase an internet security package, something that will scan your email and check for viruses and trojans.  The free solution could be Avast or AVG, both also provide an extremely cost effective upgrade to greater protection if you wish.

Perhaps a Paint Package - why not try the Gimp or

There are countless free alternatives out there on the web. Some of the packages may not be to your liking and if you specifically want the features of a commercial package you may have no choice, but you should take a look before laying out any more of your hard earned cash.

Chase Computers would be pleased to assist, recommend and even configure appropriate software, what have you got to loose?

NB. - no assistance will be given in acquiring commercial products illegally!

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