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Telstra is using FUD to switch users to NBN

Chase Computers Wonthaggi Bass Coast
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Fred received a call from Telstra advising him the NBN was available.
Fred responded that he was happy with his existing ADSL2+ service.
Fred was told that Telstra was discontinuing that service.
Two weeks ago Fred received a box containing a modem and phone.
Fred contacted Telstra and was told it is easy to change over the old and new modem, and no they could not provide on-site assistance.
Fred opened the box and noted that removal of the label meant he accepted the new NBN connection and could not return to ADSL, so Fred closed the box.
A week ago Fred received another box, this one containing a different modem.
Fred rang Telstra again, no they could not explain the 2 boxes, yes he had been switched to NBN, no they could not provide on-site assistance.
3 days ago Fred's internet stopped.
The existing ADSL modem now had a red light indicating no WAN connection.
Fred rang Telstra, they told him he had to use the new modem and the changeover was easy.
Fred rang Chase Computers.
Once connected to the existing phone line the red light indicated there was no internet connection and the WAN port was continually trying to connect.
The call to Telstra took 1.5 hours. The problem was explained to the first assistant, then the second assistant, then the case manager who escalated the problem to Technical Support.  No one could identify the fault or the reason and we were continually questioned about how this new modem was connected based on the assumption we had done something wrong.
ONE HOUR AND 28 MINUTES into the conversations and we were advised that due to a "MINOR" technical problem, Telstra had cancelled Fred's account and they would be in touch.
What a great way to waste 3 hours. . . . .

We can only assume that Telstra are trying not to loose it's customer base by sending out new NBN hardware and scaring customers into making the shift. Each customer is told the ADSL network will be shutting down and the home phone will be disconnected. They are always told this is some months away, but the the blunt message remembered by the customer is their internet will stop and the phone won't work any more. We are even aware of some customers receiving the new modem without requesting it.

If you are with Telstra/Bigpond and you are offered NBN connection, then by all means accept it if you wish.
There is no hurry - you have at least 18 months.
You do not have to use Telstra, most other service providers can connect you to the NBN.
Telstra/Bigpond do not provide the best value for money.
Telstra/Bigpond have managed to lower support standards to new all time lows.

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