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Fred has been a long time Southern Phone customer with his home phone, internet and mobile. Over past months the internet has been so troublesome that we have spent considerable time trying to isolate the problem. After replacing the modem with only a marginal improvement in performance and reliability, Fred assumed that the issue must be his aging PC.
With the new PC in place matters did not improve.
Fred contacted Southern Phone and the customer support would only state that there was no issue with the connection and Fred should remove every other device on the phone line including his emergency assist button and isolate the fault. Some considerable time later, after disconnecting everything except the modem, Fred contacted Southern Phone again to ask for assistance because he effectively still had no internet connection. After some discussion of the plan Fred was on the support person said there was nothing that could be done because Fred had refused to go up to a faster plan years ago.
This left Fred with only one option. Find a better plan with a better ISP at the same or better price.
After some discussion about alternatives, Fred rang back in the hope that his Southern Phone Mobile could be unlocked to enable him to quickly purchase an ALDI sim card to provide mobile phone and data.
Southern Phone refused.
We asked to again talk with technical support and were again lectured about todays internet and how it will not work with a slow internet connection. After 3 requests to reset the connection, each time being told this would not fix the problem, the connection was reset and the internet and mail returned.

Fred is 80.
Fred has been a loyal customer.
Fred has been ignored and lied to.  
Fred has received attrocious support from Southern Phone.
Fred will get a better deal.
Fred no longer recommends Southern Phone.

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