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SCAM Bills and Invoices

Chase Computers Wonthaggi Bass Coast
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Like Fred, you have probably been coerced into receiving your elctricity, gas, phone bills etc via email.
This is great, it costs you less, they arrive reliably, and an email client is a pretty good place to file away bills and invoices.
However, the next bill you get could be a fake!!
At the time of writing Origin is being targetted.
An Origin Energy spokesperson commented: “We’re finding these scams  are becoming more sophisticated, and we're now one of many companies  that have been subject to a phishing campaign. We’re doing what we can to inform our customers and communities  about how to spot fake bills, and what to do if they’ve received one. We’re asking customers to consider when they last paid their account  and to look closely at the sender, contact details and any links  contained in the email. If these don’t seem right, customers should not click any links, and  instead delete the email and report it to the ACCCs Scamwatch service. Origin customers can always ring us or login to their account to verify their billing status.”
Not very helpful really.
Those of you using GMAIL (like Fred) are far less likely to receive such fakes, but it is always possible, so take care.
It is strongly recommended that you no longer open or click on a link in an email invoice or bill. Log on to your account and check your invoice there!!

Fred became aware if this scam here: - click here -

You definitely do NOT want the payload on your PC.

If you haven't done so already, please also read the WARNINGS post elsewhere in the blog.

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