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Windows 10 can be an issue if
  • you do not like change
  • you don't have much data on your internet connection
Fred uses a Telstra 4G USB dongle for his internet connection, so  for months he told his computer not to install Win 10 whenever it was offered. Last weekend Fred went away for a few days, but failed to turn off his PC, on his return he was confronted by a screen telling him that Win10 was almost finished installing.
The cost was ALL of his data allocation for the month, plus the ongoing threat of unstoppable regular, large updates - the fact that Fred was confused by the new OS didn't help either.
We have rolled back the update so fred is now happily back on Win7, and to ensure that Win10 does not return we have used a small program called Never10.
If you do not want Win10 - go get Never10 NOW - it is free!!

Microsoft will no longer force Windows 10 on you, but they may force adverts on you that advise the "advantages" of Windows 10, sadly Never10 will not be of any help in this regard. If you have Windows 10 and are suffering major data usage issues, please contact us and we may be able to assist.  

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